A tale of two fails – part two

I came back from Ireland, and went back to (sigh) work, and on my way home one fine (hot as Hades) evening, I heard a weird rattle on the passenger side.

I used the automatic window switch to flip the windows on that side open & closed just to make sure they were sealed.

And then, I heard a thunk sound. Read more of this post


Four considerations for choosing a tour

I hear the naysayers, saying Nay about the idea of a bus tour. There are pluses and minuses to such things.

For instance, I like the freedom of going and doing and setting my own itinerary. I like trying new and unknown experiences. But I don’t like how overwhelmed I tend to feel alone in cities, especially when I don’t have a plan. I don’t like driving in unfamiliar places, especially (1) if rental cars tend to be manual transmission only, (2) if they drive on the left side of the road, or (3) if I don’t speak (or read) the local language. Actually this alone is the single most likely decider for me of tour-vs-selfguided vacationing.

In the case of Ireland: Read more of this post

Where in the world have I been? (updated maps)

English: OSCE countries map

English: OSCE countries map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s so much world left to see!

Where I’ve been Read more of this post

Go west! (And wake up confused)

In January 2001, I went to Hawaii for the first time.

It was a direct flight from the East Coast to Oahu. So a good 12+ hours on the plane, minus time change effects, meant that I left at something like 6AM and landed at something like 2PM, feeling already like something the cat dragged in. And this in the days before an extra 2 hours of security clearance time and who knows but that economy seats may have offered precious inches more space per passenger. Read more of this post

When in Rome (or in my case, Dublin)

English: An example of the newly-designed Guin...

English: An example of the newly-designed Guinness glass, put into use in April 2010. It was designed to gradually replace the older tulip-shaped glasses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What new things I tried while circling Ireland for 12 days: Read more of this post

A is for Anniversary

A contemporary white wedding cake decorated wi...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Not today’s cake, although it too was a work of art. AND delicious to boot.

Today my parents are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. A few days ago my sister and brother-in-law celebrated their (I want to say) 15th. And in a few days, two of my best friends are celebrating their 25th. Read more of this post

Discouraging moments in home repair

For the record, I’m indoorsy, but I’m not remotely handy.

Which is why it borders on the insane that I’ve got this bee in my bonnet about home repair.

Apartment repair.

For an apartment that I rent. Read more of this post

The day after

I used my arms and legs, more than my back. Deliberately. Thoughtfully.

Uselessly. Read more of this post


So it snowed.

I mean, it didn’t snow ridiculous numbers of feet of snow, as it did up North, in the part of the country I used to live in and some of my family still does and I beg, when I think about winter, that I’ll never have to live there again.

But still, it snowed. Read more of this post

Small pleasures

I am not, as a rule, a big fan of snow. Yeah, sure. It’s pretty, and whatnot, provided one does not have to travel in it or shovel it.

Yesterday morning I heard a lot of alarmed buzz about an impending storm, and when I went looking for information Read more of this post