Not running away (but occasionally wanting to)

I’ve had 4 dream cycles tonight. I know this, not because I remember my dreams tonight — in fact, I only remember that I dreamed, their substance quickly draining away as they were swallowed up Read more of this post


Sweet and bittersweet

English: A cupcake

English: A cupcake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I said goodbye to the boy, as he will be flying back to Miami tomorrow. When or whether he will return is unknown. And so we also officially Read more of this post

New addiction: post-dinner perfection

TGI Friday's Salted Caramel Cake (image from TGI Friday's site)

TGI Friday’s Salted Caramel Cake (image from TGI Friday’s site)

If dessert is on the agenda (and it shouldn’t be, but occasionally is), I tend to prefer Chocolate. Or Tiramisu, obviously. Because HELLO? Chocolate is practically its own food group, and a well-made Tiramisu is practically a slice of heaven on earth. Read more of this post

How far away do I have to go for that?


cuba (Photo credit: citronate)

“I’ve reserved my ticket; I’m going back to Cuba on the Monday of Memorial Day.”

He continues on with details of the finer points of ticket pricing, as if I don’t realize – as if I didn’t warn him Read more of this post

If I’d known you were coming, I’d have…

Happy Birthday_Feliz Cumpleanos

Happy Birthday_Feliz Cumpleanos (Photo credit: Jortega1057)

This morning I woke up early and ran to the grocery store.

I needed to pick up some absolute essentials… like Read more of this post

The future is now

Trump Marina Hotel Casino as seen from Senator...

Trump Marina Hotel Casino as seen from Senator Frank S. Farley State Marina Category:Images of New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Note that the outside looks different already too.

Or maybe a week from Thursday. It’s hard to say. Read more of this post

Less than a week to irkdom

The boy is back in town.

He flew. He never flies. He hates to fly. But he hates that he hates to fly, so he made himself do it, to face the fear, and I’m really proud of him for doing that.  Read more of this post

The boy and the rollercoaster

A light blue ribbon is the symbol for prostate...

Image via Wikipedia

I was in my performance review when the boy tried to call me. I was in my boss’ office. My phone was in my purse, at my desk. I came out post-review, checked the phone. No messages, one missed call.

When I called him back, his voice was thick with tension. Read more of this post



tuesday (Photo credit: thundered cat) Other than being called "Tuesday" this picture has nothing to do with today's post. But it reminds me of Miami for some reason, and I guess that's all the connection I needed.

Today I talked to my mom & dad, missed my sister & her family, traded brief emails with a friend, mailed a birthday card to another, had lunch with a colleague, Read more of this post

Lunch used to be simple

The Flirtation

"The Flirtation" - Image via Wikipedia

I remember fondly a time when lunch was a simple enough affair.

I eat in the cafeteria more often than I go out, both for convenience and for budgetary reasons. It’s usually a 10-minute swing through the cafeteria line, debating what, if anything, I actually want and … usually not having found something I want, exactly… deciding what I will settle upon for my midday meal. Then I take my mildly to moderately satisfying lunch back to my desk to eat while I work. Or, you know, while I check my personal email or whatever. Read more of this post